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In 1990, I co-founded Aesir Computing, Inc. as a means to pursue software technologies I enjoy. Over the last 10+ years, I've programmed in a variety of environments but the one I am most fond of (and have worked with the longest) is UNIX. I had hopes that the X Window System would capture more attention than it did. This "new" technology of the World Wide Web seems far more promising. Ok I admit it, the above was pirated directly from my wifes page ;-)

Currently at Aesir, we are continuing to work on our Web Server technology (Aesir*Web) which is being used for the Aesir Resorts Internet product. It contains some interesting features such as "just in time web access" to better handle peak load. Virtual images which allow us to return the best possible image for a particular browser. Fine granularity content negotiation allowing us to return html 2.0 and html 3.0 attributes depending on browser type. The translation from 2.0 to 3.0 is done automatically by software conversion in the server. Server side includes that can be cached on a per file basis. This may not be that big a win however; because of file level caching. We implemented it because we use between 2-8 server side includes per page and wondered if this would be a useful enhancement. Ok another excuse to add more features :-( Keyword search is also integrated into the server which allows for some of the nice property searches with Aesir Resorts. Other strange but useful features include configuration management and remote distribution. Since the server is distributed in nature and currently runs on multiple locations we needed a way to handle this replication of our sites. The server is written in perl which allows us to prototype faster but has some other draw backs such as being cpu bound. Fortunity, it is fast enough for a T1 when running on a SPARCstation 10 class machine. I have been having fun writing gateways for our webserver. See excite search gateway, internet search gateway, catalog search . These are pretty efficient and require no additional execs. Only a fork for the connection (copy on write) with the thread doing all the work. We have gateways for glimpse, a perl with glimpse built in but found the speed and load unacceptable. Not to mention the reliabilty with large indexes . Have you seen that code? There are some very serious pointer errors that purify and we corrected only to find error after error in the larger index code. We used glimpse for a year in production but worried about its reliabilty and it didn't appear to scale properly under load in our minds. It was quite quick for small index's. If you want my hack that embed it in perl5, drop me a note and its yours. Other gateways are a syscall interface. Be afraid! It isn't available on our production machines so don't even look :-) but I find it about the same functionality as SMUX (oh oh, remember that - SNMP Multiplexor protocol) from Rose... Late 80's timeframe, snmp gawk, etc ,Remember :-)

And at the risk of violating my content free web page; here are some useful links ( ISDN, frame-relay, Sun, NeXT, 411, CommerceNet),

That ascii text version of my wifes resumé has vanished :-) For the adventurous types, her likeness has been captured in the face saver project - try pdvblb. And she thought I wouldn't tell ;-)

I am still a Canadian Citizen, having arrived in the states in 1976.

I am originally from Medicine Hat, Alberta. My grandparents who live on McCutcheon Drive in the Hat will be getting on the internet shortly from a local provider I found when I was there this last spring. BTW, you can't miss their house ... it's the one with the giant railroad crossing sign on the roof. My Grandfather is a 2nd generation retired railroader who has run Hat Rail Mobilia the past 15 years. Most people from the "Hat" are very proud of our hockey team - The Medicine Hat Tigers If you know of any other Medicine Hat news, I loved to hear from you.


I have a few interests outside of computers:

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