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In 1990, I co-founded Aesir Computing, Inc. as a means to pursue software technologies I enjoy. Over the last 15+ years, I've programmed in a variety of environments but the one I am most fond of (and have worked with the longest) is UNIX. (Anyone who may have read the earlier version of this page saw that I originally had 10+ years. Well, I actually sat down and figured out how long I've been at this. Somehow, I thought I was younger :-) ).

I had hopes that the X Window System would capture more attention than it did. This "new" technology of the World Wide Web seems far more promising. Currently at Aesir, I have many hats including developing web presences for our clients, enhancing our web server which runs on several different OS platforms including: BSDI, Sun, and NeXT. I've also been playing with the HTML language, CGI, Javascript, and anything else related to Web page development.

An ascii text version of my resumé is available - NOT! I took one look and decided it was WAY too awful! For the adventurous types, my likeness has been captured in the face saver project - good luck finding it. I would like to say that as with fine wine and cheese, some things improve with age!


I have a few interests outside of computers:

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