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Have you ever wished to change the order that is returned from your favorite search site just enough to remove some sites that always appear to hog the top positions. Then these search filters may be for you. Here is how our filters work.

Search Engines

These searches are carried out on your behalf on a 100MB/s collocation facilty connected at the Washington, DC Network Access Point (MAE+ NAP). One of the main advantages to searching in this manner is that if you are on a 28.8Kb/s modem or slower you don't have to wait to download the 200-500KB of search output that these engines may have returned. You only see the output from the filtering of these results which is closer to 20-50KB of information. As you increase the maximum number of results, the returned information will generally be larger but also offer more unique sites that many times are hidden in the pages of output returned by these site engines in normal operation. We recommend between 100-200 as the optimized number of results you may wish to pick.

Currently, the following sites are available for searches with our filtering.

We Need Your Help!

Tell us what you like or hate about this search service. We want to make it better. Have an idea for a new filter option then let us know. Here is a few filters options that are under development currently:

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