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Note! WebLS is currently closed to new customers until further notice.

What is WebLS? Providing a comprehensive web hosting and design presence, WebLS is the key to marketing your vacation property on the Internet / World Wide Web. Only after careful review and interview with many vacation property owners like you, were we ready to introduce this service to the Web. WebLS was designed for people like you who own vacation property and wish to target Internet/Web travelers destined for the resort cities which comprise the Connections Vacation Guides.

Why Should I Use This Service?

The best way to describe WebLS is fast and easy! No previous web experience is necessary on your part and creating a listing for your property can be handled online with our Property Site Builder. The Property Site Builder gives you the flexibility to change the text of your property listing whenever you want or need so that your listings are always current. All pictures showcasing your property are handled by the image group at Aesir Computing, Inc. This is a comprehensive service which includes all aspects of image handling destined for display on a web site from scanning your photography to image manipulation and size reduction to returning your photographs in the mail. Turnaround time for pictures of the property under normal circumstances will be within 2 business days after receipt. Our goal and promise to you is to make listing your property on the Web an enjoyable and fruitful experience.

WebLS is a complete package which includes web page design, scanning of your pictures, registration of your property with other Internet/Web sites, listing of your property in our popular travel site: "Connections: A Southern Golf and Vacation Guide" for your targeted city, addition to our search database, and unlimited use of our online Property Site Builder for your property.

Why not take a test run with our the Property Site Builder to see just how easy it can be to promote your vacation property.

The Standard Package The Standard Package allows you to place your property online with all the advantages of WebLS at an affordable price. In additional to all of the features mentioned above, this package also includes:

    *2 HTML pages (a shared summary page and a detailed page)
    *Thumbnail graphic on shared summary page
    *Up to 2 graphics on detailed page (70K maximum page size)
    *1 Interactive form
    *Email reflector account (
    *Automatic forwarding of your interactive forms
    *Unlimited text updates
    *Price: $99 for the first year, $50 each year thereafter
Come see an actual online home from one of our clients! Here is an example of how your property might look with it's thumbnail page and detail pages. These wonderful rental propertities are managed by Atlantic Realty, Inc. and were generated by our property site builder.

Deluxe Package The Deluxe Package allows you to showcase your property in magnificent detail. This option includes all the same features of our Standard Package plus a six page tour through your property. Each property tour page can include up to three graphics for a maximum page size of 70K. Use this service to give online visitors a closer look at your property.

  • The complete Standard Package
  • An interactive online tour (up to 6 pages)
  • Up to 3 graphics per tour page (70K maximum page size)
  • Price: $299 for the first year, $50 each year thereafter

Come see an actual online home tour from one of our clients! 33 Surfsong is a wonderful rental property managed by Beachwalker Rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

* Why do I want my property listed off of "Connections: A Southern Golf and Vacation Guide"?

    Connections is our premier online publication featuring popular beach and golf destinations in the South. This guide is a planning tool for the Southern traveler, tourist, or golfer and provides information to help them plan their vacation, family reunion, golf outing, honeymoon, or weekend getaway. Connections has proven to be extremely popular with our viewers and presently attracts 8,000 to 9,000 unique visitors each and every day with a monthly increase of 15% in viewership (figures are as of February, 1997). If you're looking to present your property to a highly focused audience, then the WebLS service is the vehicle for you.

    But we do not rely solely on current traffic and word of mouth to encourage new users to visit our site. Connections is actively marketed on several other travel related sites including City.Net, iGolf and TravelASSIST by purchase of premium links and ad banners. An exciting new advertising vehicle for Connections is our America Online presence (keyword: golfis). Through a partnership with GolfIS on America Online, we have arranged to bring new visitors through our web site on fact finding journeys related to our monthly vacation contests.

    We take pride in the success of Connections and work daily to ensure that we do not falter from our original goal - to bring vacationers and merchants together in a common, easy-to-use, information sharing forum.

* Who would benefit from this service?

    Individual property owners, property management companies, and individual real estate agents can benefit from the additional exposure of placing a property with our web listing service. Increased exposure of your property can translate into additional weeks in rental bookings or connecting with viewers interested in purchasing a home or land.

* What if my management company already has a web site?

    If your property management company already has a web presence, you can specify that any inquiries about your property be forwarded automatically to that company. The only requirement is that you must specify to us the email account to which to send these inquiries for your property management company. The advantage of having a listing with WebLS is that you control how your listing is presented and in more detail than perhaps your property management company's web site.

* I would like additional features for my property listing. How can I do this?

    Additional features can be added via additional Aesir products we offer or on a time and materials basis. For both the Standard and the Deluxe packages, the initial property pages will be in the same format for consistency. By having a consistent and easy to use interface, the viewer will be able to more readily find that special property.

* What can I expect from having my property online?

    Additional exposure of your property to thousands of travelers worldwide should allow you to book at least an additional week or two a year, if not more. Of course, there is no way to determine your exact results as this will be influenced by such factors as the quality of information placed online, and the timeliness of response to any inquiries about your property. Our current commercial clients have enjoyed increased bookings using the Connections as their vehicle for property promotion on the Web.

* I understand that I can change the text for my property at any time. Can I also have unlimited changes of my graphics?

    Yes but there will be an additional charge of $40 to replace or change your pictures.

* Why is there a 1 day delay for my changes to go online?

    To ensure the integrity of your listing as well as the entire web site, we use a staging server where all updates are placed before being loaded onto the production web site. Your updates will appear online in the early morning hours to reduce the possibility of disruption of service to our Connections visitors. An additional benefit of a staging server is that you may proof your property pages and make additional changes before anyone else may see the pages.

* I don't have Internet access, can I still use your service?

    Absolutely! We have a template form which we can send to you for completion and return. We'll handle entering the information for your property and placing it online. When we return the photographs of your property in the SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) you provided us, we'll send you a printed copy of the online property listing. We do recommend, however, that you do provide us an email address where property inquiries may be directed. This could be your property management firm, a friend, or family member. Your property will be online within 5 business days after receipt of the completed form.

* How will visitors find my property listing?

    WebLS is associated with our popular Connections web site. Your property listing will be showcased in one of our real estate sections. In addition, we will register your property with other sites including the popular search engines (i.e. WebCrawler, AltaVista) as well as other Real Estate, Vacation, and Travel related Web sites.

* How many pictures should I use for my property listing? Why is there a limitation on total file size for the page?

    Keeping the physical page size small is very important to contact the largest intended audience. Many Internet 'surfers' experience poor performance due to network congestion, slow connections, or underpowered equipment. We limit the pages to 2 pictures per property listing page in order to ensure that the average visitor will be able to view your property in a reasonable amount of time. Be sure to provide us with a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) so that we may return your pictures to you.

* The city or region my property is located is in not currently on the Connections web site. Can I still use this service?

    Good question! The Connections web site is a 'work in progress' - cities and regions are scheduled to be placed online regularly. Contact us with specific information about your property's location and we'll let you know what our plans are for that particular area.

Contact Information Are you ready to be a part of WebLS? Simply fill our our registration form and return it to us.

If you have additional questions or would like to speak to one of our sales representatives about what WebLS can do to increase your property exposure, please feel free to contact us.

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