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Connections: A Southern Golf and Vacation Guide

Note! Connections is currently closed to new customers until further notice.

Online Travel Magazine Connections is our premier online publication featuring popular travel destinations in the South. This guide is a planning tool for the Southern traveler, tourist, or golfer and provides information to help that user plan their vacation, family reunion, golf outing, honeymoon, or weekend getaway. Connections has proven to be extremely popular with our viewers and presently attracts over 15000 unique visitors (visitors not hits!) each and every day with a monthly increase of 15% in viewership (figures are as of March, 1998).

Why Connections? Take a moment to review just a few of the many companies online with Connections including Scratch Golf Company, Desert Clubs, and Palmetto Dunes. For each company, we have developed a comprehensive web site which answers many of the questions a traveler may have including:
  • What product and services does your company offer?
  • Why should I conduct business with your company?
  • How can I contact your company for additional information?
A complete web site yields results. It's that simple. The Connections package has been designed to be comprehensive and to allow you to effectively market your company's products or services on the World Wide Web.

Having Aesir create your web presence is not enough. If you build it will they come? Maybe. Maybe not. That's why it's important to be associated with an already existing, successful Web site such as Connections. A targeted, travel-related Web site like Connections guarantees that your Web site will be seen by many thousands of prospective customers.

Package Features Although each client's needs do vary, our Web site development usually consists of 150-300 pages and is delivered within 2-4 weeks. Development commences with a signed contract. A typical Connections Web site will contain:

    Vacation Property Catalogs (first 350 properties at no extra charge).

      Take a look at one of our client's online property catalog. The complete Atlantic Realty site contains in addition to the property catalog all of the features listed here for a Connections Web site.
    Catalog Search
    Unlimited interactive forms
    Reflective Email (
    Your Own Domain (
    Unlimited Email accounts at your Own Domain
    (,, etc)
    Default Email account to eliminate bouced email
    Mailing lists
    Aesir Professional Hosting
    Links to your site from our Web publications and our America Online site (keyword: golfis)
    Monthly updates
    Unlimited corrections
    Proofing Web Servers for client access
    Production Web Servers for customer access
    Ongoing registration and maintenance of all pages
    Monthly site activity reports
    Aesir*Web Hardware Advantage
    Placement on other targeted Publications and Search Sites

Comfortable Payment Options There are no upfront fees or hidden costs. We will bill you when your site goes online according to one of our three payment options. These three pricing strategies allow you to determine how best to reduce your risk, capital outlay, or both. We offer a flat monthly fee, monthly fee based on information delivered to your customers, and a monthly fee based on the total amount of raw data transferred from your site to your customers. You must be asking, "Yes, but what's the catch?". No catch. We believe that a good business relationship must be founded in mutual trust. Our success depends on your success.

Contact Information For more information and specifics of Aesir Connections pricing plans, contact our office at:

Aesir Computing, Inc.
Telephone: (703) 406-4440

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