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Tuesday April 16, 2002

7-6 (5), 6-1

Q. When you won that tiebreaker, did you feel like then things kind of started to roll for you?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Well, yeah, they did. It was very important to win that first set. I felt we both were not playing our best tennis, and to end up winning that first set, and then I felt like she kind of went away a little bit.

Q. Do you get up a little bit more to play somebody who kind of comes in with all the media limelight and the stature of that? Do you get a little more motivated to play somebody like her?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: No. Every match is very important. All the players, doesn't matter who it is, it's going to be a great fight, and you just gotta always be up for any player you play. And today I felt I was ?? I didn't have my best tennis, but to win a match when you don't have your best tennis, that's the important thing, you know, so that it makes you stronger and then you can win the next match. Hopefully you have a better day.

Q. Are you 100 percent healthy these days?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: I wouldn't say 100 percent, but enough to play good tennis and not hurting like I was last year.

Q. Did you expect the points to be so long?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: You know, I didn't think they were that long, some of the points. I mean that was ?? it wasn't much, you know. I have to be patient because she doesn't have a lot of patience sometimes.

Q. You said she just went away in the second set. Did you put her away or do you think she got tired?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: I don't know. It was hot today, but I didn't think we played very, very long points to where you get really, really tired. I just think sometimes when you lose a tiebreaker in the first set, you know, you have to be very strong in your mind to keep fighting, and but yeah, I think I felt like I was playing better in the second set. I mean I felt more comfortable. I was a little nervous at the beginning.

Q. Were you surprised at how much the fans were on your side?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah. Sometimes it's difficult to play Anna because all the fans are always rooting for her, and here it was ?? I mean, you know, they were rooting for her a lot, but there was some other people. I mean I came to this tournament so many years in a row, and I think the fans are familiar with my face, and you know, I would say that they like me, so it was great to play and win, of course win during my birthday.

Q. How will you celebrate? Will you do any celebrating for your birthday?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: I'll just go to dinner with my friends. I mean I would like to party until tomorrow, but of course, I'm in a tournament and I'm professional enough not to do that, but so I'll have a nice dinner with my close friends and that's it.

Q. Do you have a special fitness routine that keeps you from getting injured?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Well, yeah, but it's difficult. We always have injuries here and there, but you try to keep as fit as you can to prevent injuries. So I have a trainer here working with me, and the trainers from the WTA also help you to do exercises to prevent injuries.

Q. Do you feel like winning when maybe you weren't at your best will give you a little momentum heading into tomorrow and the rest of the week?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah. I think those matches are the important ones. You know, like sometimes when you don't play or you don't feel the best and you lose, you know, it's just not good. So I was hanging in there very tough, and I'm very happy to win a match when I'm not 100 percent.

Q. Looking back now because it's been a long time since '94, but does it surprise you that your Grand Slam was at Wimbledon? Just kind of laughing at it at all?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Well, you know, looking back, my results, I've been ?? I have wins in every surface. You know, it's like, you know, of course, I'm more comfortable on clay and I'd rather clay over other surfaces, but I won titles in every surface. And yeah, I mean surprise a little bit to win on grass before any other surface, but I was playing great tennis and I had a great year there. So it was great looking back. It's a great memory.

Q. Where is the trophy?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: The trophy? At home, in Barcelona.

Q. Someplace special?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah. I have like ?? I don't know how you say ?? it's ??

Q. A case?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah. It's like this, and I have all the trophies, all the important trophies I won. So yes. It's a very special place in my house. I look back once in a while and I see, you know, this year I won this, da, da, da. So it's really great.

Q. For our U. S. open this year we're asking this of several players. Where were you on 9/11 and how has it changed your life since then?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: I was actually in San Diego. I have a house there, and I was in San Diego, and when it happened I was, of course, sleeping because it was 7:30 in the morning, but the phone rang, and I didn't answer it. And it was my father, left me a message saying that what was happening, so I turned on the TV, and I cannot tell you how ?? how much it affected me. I mean I ?? I mean I had to pull myself to get out of the TV, because I mean I was crying every time, you know. It was an amazing thing, and you know, it's pretty unbelievable that something like that can happen.
It was just ?? I have no words, and I was feeling very sad for the family and for the people that, you know, when you think how many planes it would take, and you know, it's unbelievable. So that tells you that you have to live life, you know, because anything can happen any day, and it's just crazy what's happening in the world right now.

Q. Has it changed the way you see other people in the world or travel?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Well, you know, I tend to trust people, you know, but I think, you know, like I said, you just have to live life and hope for the best. But of course, I mean I was scared of traveling for a while. I was in San Diego, and the whole thing was going with the war and everything, my parents calling me, are you coming to Spain, you know. I'm like, well, why don't you take the plane. I don't really want to take that plane. But also I didn't feel that secure in the States. They're like, you know, we want you close to us. So it's just hard.

Q. Changing the subject back to tennis, what would you think was your most spectacular point today?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: I wouldn't recall. For me it's hard to recall points.

Q. When you were up 4-1, the one where you lobbed over her head?
CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah. That was a good one. I liked that one. I mean I ran ?? she almost had the volley to put away and I ran, and yeah, that was like good. But I couldn't tell you other points.